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How to Apply For a Single Entry Visa in Malaysia

A single entry visa is among kind of visitor visa available via an easy online application, either single or multiple entry travel documents. It allows applicants to submit their application electronically, avoiding the hassle of having to physically go into an approved destination. Malaysian authorities will review the information provided and decide as to whether or not to approve the application. Once approved, the applicant will receive an electronic visa card, which may be used for travelling throughout Malaysia. Applications can also be submitted through mailed applications, but it is important to remember that each application should be submitted in its proper category and with supporting documents.


To apply for a single entry visa, one must have Australian citizenship by the time they apply. Other than that requirement, anyone who meets the following criteria should be able to apply for an approved e Visa. They should also have a job that is Australian supported or employer-supported in Malaysia. It is important to note that once approved for evil, the card cannot be reused.

Single Entry VS Multi-Entry Visas

Single entry visas are different from multi-entry visas. Multifarious entry visas require several entries into the country before approval, with each resulting in a printout of a receipt, typically showing proof of Australian citizenship. Single entry visas only require one approved electronic visa, which can be renewed online as well. Unlike multi-entry visas, however, single-entry visas do not require a voided check or a request for an extension.

Before travelling to Malaysia, ensure that you meet all the eligibility requirements to apply for a single entry visa. There are specific procedures that must be followed to apply for this type of visa. If you are travelling to Malaysia on business purposes, ensure that you have a letter of authorization from your business supervisor that verifies your proposed business ventures in Malaysia.

single entry visa


Once you have received approval for a single tourist visa, you will need to submit your application and payment to the Computerised Border Processing (CBP) department. You must fill out your application and payment forms. If you have purchased a property or any property that will be utilized as collateral for your application, ensure that you provide proof of funds at this time. If you will be residing in Malaysia on the designated date of your visa, you will need to provide your consent to the CBP department to accompany the application and payment form. Once all these documents are received, your application will be processed and you will receive a confirmation that the CBP department has received your documents.

Once all required documents are received, your application will be submitted to the Australian High Commission for approval. A decision will be made within thirty days and your travel document will then be approved. Once you receive approval for a visa, you will be required to pay your visa fee along with any other fees or charges that may be assessed by the Australian High Commission. Once your visa fee is received, you will be able to depart for Malaysia.

If you do not have a single-entry visa and plan on travelling to Malaysia on a visa flight, you must apply for an E entry or T visa before travelling. These are the same types of visas that are required to board a domestic or international flight. Upon receiving approval from the Australian High Commission for Single Entry Visa, you will be required to present your passport when boarding your flight. You may also be asked to show proof that you reside in Australia by showing an Australian address card and/or a current Australian visa. Once you have arrived in Malaysia, you may only need to present your Australian passport to board your plane.

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