travel history for visa

How to Make Travel History For Visa Easily?

Did you know that travel history can make a big difference in the outcome of getting a visa? It is not always the case that good scores on your exams or grades get you fast results when applying for a Canadian visa. In some cases, it has been seen that applicants have had bad records, including having criminal records or civil wrongdoings in their past. This can have a huge impact on the outcome of your application and the speed at which you are approved.


How does travel history impact on a tourist visa? Very serious issues arise if a person fails to meet the requirement laid down by the immigration authorities. For example, violation of parole terms or prison sentence carries a maximum five-year ban on a person applying for a tourist visa. Criminal activities like drug offences carry ten years’ imprisonment or more. And, if a person is convicted of offences relating to sex crimes involving minors, he can be subjected to life imprisonment.

If you want to get a tourist visa fast, you must ensure that you have a good travel history. To do so, you need to follow the procedures provided below. It helps a lot to have a clean record, even though this may take a bit of work.


Start with checking the local travel records of the country or state in which you plan to visit. Many online services can help you do so. Usually, such agencies charge a small fee for checking your records. However, if you check with the agencies regularly and are aware of their system, then you will save money in the long run. Having a travel history as proof of your clear skies and sunshine does not hurt either.

Also, before planning a trip, try to find out about the various rules and regulations regarding your stay in Canada. Usually, most tourists use an immigration consulting firm or Canadian Immigration Consultants to prepare their visa without an invitation letter. They also use the services of an immigration law firm. However, they cannot work on their own in Canada since there is no central law system.

travel history for visa

When you are ready to apply for a visa without travel history, you need to have your passport. Do not worry if you do not have a passport. You can use your birth certificate as proof of identity. However, if you are applying for a green card or another type of temporary residence, you will have to provide a birth certificate and proof of citizenship. This is to prove that you are a genuine resident of the country that you are going to visit.

Finding Extra Tips

If you do not know what is the best method of how to get a visa without a travel history, then the best way is to use the internet. Many online websites specialize in helping people get their visa record. The easiest way to do this is to use a good 2020 free visa guide. The main advantage of using such guides is that they are very easy to read and understand. Furthermore, they provide detailed information and tips to help tourists plan their tours in Canada.

Finally, you can buy a good 2020 free visa guide and use it to prepare your visa application. However, the only disadvantage of using these guides is that they are often priced very high. Therefore, if you are looking to save some money, you can use an e-book on Canada immigration. You can find out all the necessary information about the application procedure and the different types of documents required. Moreover, you can play download the guide and start preparing your documents at once.

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